Mr. Sharad T. Bakhade

Mr. Sharad T. Bakhade

Name                                   : Sharad Tulshiram Bakhade

Address for residance      : Plot No.32, Dhangawali Nagar, Pipla Road,Nagpur-440034

Date of birth                       : 31sr December 1975

Designation                       : Assistant professor at Sevadal Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur

Education Qualification    :   P.E. –  69.00% 
                                                M.P.Ed. – 56.07% 
                                                N.I.S.    –  66.00% (One Year Coaching Diploma) 
                                                M.Phil.  – 72.87%

Work experience             :  7 years

Sports Achievements



1) School State Championship 1st place, session 94-95 at Akola.

2) 40th National School games 94-95 participation at Delhi.

3) Inter University Championship 95-96 at Kolhapur.

4) Inter University Championship 96-97 at Merath.

5) Inter University Championship 97-98 at Varanasi.

6) Inter University Championship 98-99 at Rohatak.

7)  Inter University Championship 99-02 at Chandigarh.


1) Inter University Championship 98-99 at Chandigarh.

2) Inter University Championship 99-02 at Gwalior

Participation in Seminar

1]      All India Seminar on curriculum development in physical education as per NCTE Pattern Session 99-2000 held at Amravati.

2]      National Conference on Physical Education & Sport Science session 1999-2000 held at Bangalore.

3] National Seminar on "Methods & Technology in physical Education & Sport Session 2002 held at Amravati.

4]      National Conference on Application of Yoga and Allied Disciplines to Enhance the Sports Performance 2006 Amravati.

5]      National Conference on Management in physical Education and Sports 2007 at Amravati.

6]      U.G.C. Sponsored National Conference on Role of Yoga Therapy and Allied Therapies in Prevention, Cure & Rehabilitation of Psycho-Somatic Disorder, 2009 at Amravati.

Official Experience

1)  46th state level Wrestling Championship at Jalana 2002-2003.

2)  2nd Mayar Wrestling Championship at Amravati 2002-2003.

3)  District Wrestling Championship 2003-2004 at Tiwasa, Amravati.

4)  5th Maharastra state inter university sports meet-Ashwamedh at Shivaji Uni. Kholhapur 2001. A Manager of Wrestling Team.

5)  All India inter university Wrestling Championship Maharshi Dayanad University Rohatak 2005-2006 Wrestling team Coach.

6)  All India inter university Wrestling Championship at Shivaji University, Kolhapur 2007-2008, Wrestling Team Coach.

7)  26th Junior boys free style Greco Roman style Wrestling Championship Shrinagar, (J & K J 2007-2008.)

8)  26th   Junior   boys   National   Wrestling   Championship, Shiv Chhatrapati pith, Balewadi Pune, M.S. (2006-2007).

9)  41st Hind Kesari and senior national Indian Wrestling Championship Wardha, 2005.

  1. 7th Late Khashaba Jadhav Chashak Wrestling Championship, Buldana, M.S.) 2006.
  2. Worked as Technical Officer for 32nd Maharashtra State Wrestling Championship-2009 organized by Parbhani District Wrestling Association dated 6-8th November 2009.
  3. Worked as Technical Officer for International Marathon 2010.

Wrestling Championship Officials


1]   3rd National Wrestling Championship of the Deaf, Amravati.2006

2]   3rd mayor youth wrestling championship

3]   Third National Wrestling championship of the deaf, Amravati. 2006.

4]   Third Mayor Youth Wrestling championship, Amravati.2006.

5]   State level Wrestling Championship Varud, Amravati.2006-2007.

6]   Shingnapur, Amravati organized Wrestling Championship on dated 19th April 2007.

7]   Wrestling Championship Satargoan, Nandgoan Kharde 25th Dec.2007.

8]   Wrestling championship At Belora, Chandur Bazar, and Amravati on dated 27th December 2007.

9]   Men and Women Wrestling Championship, Anjangaon, Amravati 2008.

8]   India Vs Pakistan International Wrestling Championship, Amravati 2007.

10] State level Tiranga Kesari wrestling championship at Chandur Bazar, Amravati 2008.

11]    Wrestling Championship at Gurukunj Mozari, Amravati.2008.

12] Men and Women Wrestling Championship at Karanja, Vardha.2008.

13]    10th Senior women state level Ajinkyapad and 13th Greco-Roman state level Ajinkyapad wrestling championship, Amravati.2008.

14] Wrestling Championship, at Chanduar Bazar,Amravati on Dated 26 8s 27 JAN 2009.

15] Men and Women Wrestling Championship at Anjangaon Surji, Amravati.on dated 1st February 2009.

16] Inter collegiate Wrestling championship in Gulbarga (Karnataka) 2006-2007.

17] State level School Wrestling Championship, Parbhani.2006- 2007.

18] Maharastra Kesari Wrestling Championship Baramati, Pune 2006-2007.

19] Mahapor Kesari Wrestling Championship,Dhule.2006-2007.

20] Inter Collegiate Wrestling Championship Shegoan, Buldhana.2006-2007.

21] Maharastra Kesari Wrestling Championship, Indapur, Pune2006-2007.

22] Maharashtra State Griko Roman Wrestling Championship Bhagur, Nasik. 2006-2007.

23] Vidarbha Kesari Wrestling Championship Telhara, Akola. 2006-2007

24] R.T.M. Nagpur University Hockey Womens Team Coach at Ahilyabai Holkar University, Indore (M.P.)