Dr. Mrs. Kirti V. Dubey

Dr. Mrs. Kirti V. Dubey

Name                                                     : Dr. (Mrs.) Kirti Vijay Dubey.

Date of Birth / Age                             : 29th August 1967

Marital Status                                     : Married

Name of Department                         : Microbiology

Correspondence Address : 18 Sahakar Nagar, Khamala Road, Nagpur-440025

Mobile No./Email id                          : 91-9225216858 and Kirtivijay_dubey@yahoo.com

Educational Qualifications             :



Subjects Offered





English, Supple. English, Chemistry, Microbiology and Zoology












Research Area                    : Environmental Microbiology and Environmental                                                                                                      Biotechnology

Research Projects Undertaken:      Project Leader of the following projects:-

  1. Minor Research Project entitled, “Studies on Development of Nutritive Rhizosphere at Gorewada Forest and Reservoir, Nagpur (M.S.) using Biotechnological Process of Soil Augmentation sponsored by Director, Gorewada Forests & Reservoir, Govt. of Maharashtra, Nagpur. (Completed)
  2. Major Research Project entitled “Strategies for Biosurfactant Production by using combination of distillery wastes with other Industrial Wastes” sponsored by University Grants Commission, New Delhi. Notification No. :-F. No. 33-202/2007(SR)   (completed)

  Co-investigator of the following project:-

1. Major research project entitled  “Bioaugmentation Process of using microbial cultures and their surfactants for removal of heavy metals form contaminated soil”   sponsored by University Grants Commission, New Delhi. Project No. F. No. 38-199/2009(SR) (ongoing)

Ph.D. Guideship: Recognized Ph.D. Supervisor in subject of  Microbiology vide letter No. Ph.D. (Cell)/RRC/ Guide/70/B/435 dated 9th January 2008 by Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur.


Important Publications    :

Books Published : Industrial Microbiology by  G. L. Bhoosreddy, B. J. Wadher, A. V. Gomashe, and K. V. Dubey published by Himalaya Publications (2014), Ist Edition  ISBN:  978-93-5142-66-91

Chapter in books

  • Asha A. Juwarkar, Kirti V. Dubey and S. K.  Singh (2004). Biosurfactant technology for remediation of metal contaminated system. In.  Biotechnological Approaches for Sustainable Development.  Edited by M. Sudhakara Reddy, Sunil Khanna. Allied Publishers, ISBN 8177646699, 9788177646696. pp. 213-221.
  • Asha A. Juwarkar, Kirti Dubey and R.N. Singh (2005). Scope of Biofertilizers in Mine Spoil Amelioration. In. Environmental Concepts and Management Approaches for Mined Lands. Edited by Prafulla Soni, Veena Chandra and S. D. Sharma, Jyoti Publishers and Distributors, Dehra Dun, India. ISBN:-81-88617-01-6. pp. 150-179.
  • Asha A. Juwarkar, S. K. Singh and Kirti V. Dubey (2007). Biotechnology for remediation of cadmium and lead contaminated soils. In. Sustainable Resource Management Volume –II  Edited by  K. K. Singh,  Alka Tomar, Vinod Phogat and Suman Phogat, MD Publication ISBN: 81-904551-0-7 pp. 61-79.
  • Sanjeev  K. Singh,  Asha A. Juwarkar, Ackmez Mudhoo, Kirti V. Dubey. (2012)   Remediation of Chromium-Contaminated Soils Using Pseudomonas aeruginosa Strain BS2.  In. Terrestrial and Aquatic Environmental Toxicology (TAET),   Editor-in-Chief Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva, Kagawa University, Japan, Published by Global  Science  Books   Print: ISSN 1749-0324. Volume 6 Number 2.,  P. no.  100-105.
  • Kirti V. Dubey, Pravin N. Charade, Ashish lambat and Gagan Mata (2013) Studies on   Physico-chemical, Microbiological Properties of Rhizospheric and Non Rhizospheric Soils in Compartment No. 792 of Gorewada Forest. In. Climate change effecta on agriculture and economy. Edited by D. R. Khanna, A. K. Chopra, Vikas Singh, Rakesh Bhutani and Gagan Mata, BIOTECH BOOKS, New Delhi.
  • Kirti V. Dubey,  Sulbha V.  Kulkarni, Ashish  Lambat, Pravin Charde. (2013)

 Native Flora of various compartments of Gorewada Forest, Nagpur District, Nagpur (M.S.), India In.: Biodiversity conservation and environmental management. Edited by D. R. Khanna, R. Bhutani, Gagan Matta and Vikas Singh   BIOTECH BOOKS, New Delhi.  ISBN.  978-8176222624. P. No. 341-

Papers in International Journals

  • Dubey, K. and Juwarkar (2001) A. Distillery and curd whey wastes as viable alternative to synthetic medium for biosurfactant production and pollution abatement of these wastes. World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology, 17: 61- 99.
  • Dubey, K., Juwarkar, A. and Singh, S. K. (2005) Adsorption-desorption process using activated carbon for recovery of biosurfactant from distillery waste.   Biotechnology Progress 21: 860-867.
  • Asha A. Juwarkar, Anupa Nair, Kirti Dubey, S.K. Singh and Sukumar Devotta (2007). Biosurfactant Technology for Remediation of Cadmium and Lead contaminated soil. Chemosphere 68: 1996-200.
  • K. V. Dubey, P. N. Charde, S.  U. Meshram,   S. K. Yadav, S. K. Singh   and  A. A. Juwarkar.     Biosurfactant Production Potential of New microbial isolates using Combination of Distillery Waste with Other Industrial Wastes.   Special Issue of ‘Microbial Biosurfactants /Marine Microbial Biosurfactants’  International Open Access Journal of Petroleum & Environmental Biotechnology (In Press DOI:htt://dx.doi.org/10.4172/2157-7463.S1-002).
  • K. V. Dubey, P. N. Charde,    L. P. Shendre,   S.  U. Meshram,    V. S. Dubey and A. A. Juwarkar   (2012) Surface-active Properties of Novel Biosurfactants at Extremes of Environmental Conditions useful in Remediation of Pesticides Contaminated Soils.   Special Issue of ‘Bioresource Technology’  “Advances in waste water treatment technologies” dedicated for the full papers presented in   ICSWHK2011: The International Conference on Solid Waste 2011 Moving towards Sustainable Resource Management   held at Hong Kong SAR, China, 2-6 May 2011   Bioresource Technology 126:368-374.

Paper  in National Journals

  • Kirti Dubey and Asha Juwarkar (2004). Determination of genetic basis for biosurfactant production in distillery and curd whey wastes utilizing Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain BS2. Indian Journal of Biotechnology, 3:  74-81
  • A. A. Juwarkar, K. V.  Dubey, A. Nair and S. K. Singh (2008). Bioremediation of multi-metal contaminated soils using Biosurfactants- A novel approach. Indian Journal of Microbiology 48 (1): 242-246.
  • Kirti Dubey, Shilpa Babar, P. N. Charde and Asha A. Juwarkar  (2011) Studies on different flora, physico-chemical, microbiological properties of rhizospheric and non rhizospheric soils in compartment No. 792 of Gorewada forest. International Journal of Forestry & Crop Improvement 2 (1): 1-7.
  • Seema Nimbarte, P. N. Charde, Bharti Tapase, Kirti Dubey (2012). Improvements in rhizospheric microflora of N, P, K, deficient soil amended with whey waste and its impact on nodulation process in Trigonella foenugricum. Journal of Science Information Special Issue-3 ISSN-2229-5836. P. no. 121-127.
  • K. V. Dubey (2013) Biosurfactant Production by New Microbial Isolates from Soil Co-Contaminated With Lube Oil and Distillery Spent Wash.  International Journal of Scientific Research. 2: 17-20.
  • Kirti V. Dubey, Girish. L. Boosreddy, Pravin Charde, Vijay S. Dubey, A. A. Juwarkar (2013)  Kocuria turfanesis strain BS-J a novel microbial isolate with   combined potential of    biosurfactant production  and degradation of monocrotophos International Journal of Research in Biosciences, Agriculture & Technology, Nol.: 1 :( 2),     P. No. 254-269
  • K. V. Dubey (2013) Biosurfactant Production by New Microbial Isolates from Soil Co-Contaminated With Lube Oil and Distillery Spent Wash. Indian Journal of Applied Research, Vol.  3  P. No. 31-34
  • Kirti V. Dubey, Sulbha V. Kulkarni, Girish. L. Boosreddy,   Pravin Charde, Vijay S. Dubey, and A. A. Juwarkar Novel egg shell based formulation of biosurfactant produced by Kocuria turfanesis strain BS-J    useful in degradation of monocrotophos in soil Journal of advances in Science and Technology Vol.: 14 (1) 
  • Kirti V. Dubey.  Bioaugmentation package of egg shell based biosurfactant formulation   : An innovative approach for monocrotophos degradation in soil, International Journal of Research in Biosciences, Agriculture & Technology  (In press) 
  • Kirti V. Dubey, Pravin N. Charde, Girish L. Boosreddy,  Deepak T. Tayade and Vijay S. Dubey.  A new process of eggshell mediated cost-effective recovery of biosurfactants from fermented combination of distillery waste with whey and fruit processing wastes.  Hislopia Journal 2014  No.6  (In press)

No. Of Conferences                           : 30

With Oral/ppt Presentation

  • Awards and Honours        : Best poster presentation award on Biosurfactant Production by a Mutant of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Strain BS2 from Industrial Wastes. Kirti Dubey, Asha Juwarkar and Purushottam Khanna at National Symposium on Microbial Technologies for Environment Management and Resource Recovery held at New Delhi, 1-2 October 1997.
  • Qualified for Third Best Poster Presentation Award on “Sustainable Development of Mine Spoil Dumps through Integrated Biotechnological Approach” at International Conference – Global Sustainable Biotech Congress 2000 AD, Department of Microbiology, Nagpur University, Nagpur.
  • Qualified for Third Best Paper Presentation Award on “Bioremediation of Mine Spoil Dumps using Integrated Biotechnological Approach” at the seminar “Science for Society-Women’s Contributions” held on March 2002 on the occasion of the Women’s Day 2002. The seminar was co-sponsored by the Institution of Engineers (India), Nagpur Centre.
  • National Patent entitled “A PROCESS FOR RECOVERY OF BIOSURFACTANT FROM DISTILLERY WASTE” has been Included in BigPatents India (Patent Application  Published on 2007-05-04) Application: 351/DEL/2002 A, Filing date: 2002-03-27, Publication date: 2007-05-04

No of Pages : 18,  No of Claims : 11.

  • Chaired and coordinated   separate   Technical Sessions of International Congress of Environmental Research ICER- 2011 held at SVNIT, Surat from 15th -17th December 2011.
  • Appointed as Panelist inAn Interactive Workshop between University and Industries for Technology Development and Transferorganized by Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University (RTMNU), Nagpur Technology Park held on 29th August 2012.
  • Award of ‘Distinguished Women Scientist’ was  conferred during World Congress WCMANU-2012. 
  • Invited as Resource Person for Refresher Course in Life Sciences organized from 21st February to 12th March 2013 at Department of Biochemistry to deliver a talk on “Strategies for Cost Effective Production of Biosurfactants from Combination of Distillery Waste with other Industrial Wastes”.
  • Resource Person/Reviewers/Referee or any other significant research contribution
  • In Advisory Board    of BioInfo Publications ‘World Research Journal Of Biotechnology

Category: International Journal,Publisher: Bioinfo Publications,ISSN: 2322-0600 (Print)   E-ISSN :       2322-0619 (Online)   Frequency : Quarterly DOI: 10.9735/2322-0600


Consultancy Services:

  • Provide a Consultancy service of Surface Tension analysis and Critical Micelle Concentration determination of biosurfactants samples received from Dept. of Microbiology, Sant Gadgebaba Amravati University, Nikalas Mahila Mahavidyalaya and Allied Carbon Solutions Co. Ltd. Japan and the amount of funds generated was Rs. 3840/- and Rs. 45,000/- respectively.

Deputation Abroad:

  • Deputed to Lund University, Center for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Department of Biotechnology, Sweden from NEERI,    Nagpur during 21st March 2000 – 1st April 2000 to discuss different aspects of technology to use biotechnology for remediation of heavy metal contaminated mine spoil dumps. The visit was under the Indo-Swedish collaborative project on "Rejuvenation of Iron, Copper and Zinc Mine Spoil Dumps and Mined out areas using Integrated Biotechnological Approach" sponsored by SIDA-SAREC.  
  • Deputed from college for Oral and Poster presentations (Two Nos.)  at    The International Conference on Solid Waste 2011 Moving towards Sustainable Resource Management ICSWHK2011,  Hong Kong SAR, China, 2-6 May 2011

Patents Granted/Filed:

  • National Patent Granted: – 02 Nos.

1. A new process for recovery of Biosurfactant from Distillery waste

Application No.: 351/DEL/2002 A, Filing date: 2002-03-27, Publication date: 2007-05-04, Patent No.-225343. This patent has been Included in Big Patents India (Patent Application  Published on 2007-05-04)   Inventors: 1) KIRTI VIJAY DUBEY 2) ASHA ASHOK JUWARKAR

No of Pages: 18, No of Claims: 11

2. A process for Preparation of Biosurfactant useful as Microbial Emulsifier for recovery of Oil

Application: 1187/DEL/2002 A, Filing date: 23/9/1994, Grant date: 23/1/2004, Patent No.-189459
  • International Patent Filed:

1. A novel strategy for mobilization of heavy metals from contaminated soil using di-rhamnolipid biosurfactant.  Application No.:  0503NF2004.