Dr Mrs A.S. Dhoble

Dr Mrs A.S. Dhoble

Name                      : Dr. Mrs. Aparna  Sanjay  Dhoble

Father ‘s Name       : Manohar

Date  of Birth          :  20-11-1969

Languages Known : English, Marathi, Hindi.

Qualifications          : M.Sc. B.Ed. Ph.D

Permanent Address:  6A/C, Corporation colony, North Ambazari Road, Nagpur. 

Mobile No. & Email Id. : 9881373582  Email ID: aparna_dhoble@rediffmail.com

Institution: Sevadal Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Sakkardara chowk, Umred Road, Nagpur.

Designation: Assistant Professor (Stage II)

Contact Details:

Category: OPEN / OBC / SC / ST/ VJ/ NT:     OBC (Teli)

Teaching Experience: Contributory (04 Years PG)  & UG  14 years                                        

Administrative Experience: Head, Deptt. of Home Science Extension (14 Years)  & Board of Studies CHAIRMAN Since July 2011.

Research Experience : Ph. D Supervisor  in Home Science Extension from October 2001 & : Ph. D Supervisor  in Home Economics under the faculty of Social Sciences from April 2010.

Area of Special Interest : Home Science Extension

Number of Students Ph. D. Awarded / Submitted / Registered

Ph. D. Registered students( Home Science Extension)=07      Submitted Thesis (Home Science Extension)= 02

Ph. D. Registered students (Home Economics)= 08

Number of Research  Papers Published in Journals , National / International Journals:   Paper published in National Journals : 06

Maharashtra Journal of Extension Education,  1993,Akola

Journal of Extension education, 2009,Bhubaneshwar(Orrisa)    

Journal of Extension and Research, 2010, Tamilnadu

Swayamsiddha, 2012, Nagpur

Journal of Extension education, 2012,,Bhubaneshwar(Orrisa)

Swayamsiddha, 2013, Nagpur.

Paper published in International Journals :    09 

1.Journal of Biological & Physical Sciences,2012, Nagpur(2papers)

2. Home Science, International Research Volume, Amravati, Jan,2013 

3.Home Science, International Research Volume, Amravati, Dec,2013 

4.Apoorv Knowledge, June, 2014, Aurangabad.

5.Apoorv Knowledge, September, 2014, Aurangabad

6.Home Science, International Research Volume, Amravati, Jun,2014(02 papers)

7.International Journal of Researchersw in BioSciences, Agriculture and Technology, Nagpur.                                                                                            


Publications :

Number of Books Published: [   ] Own   [    ]  Joint Authorship

Number of Books Edited     : [   ] Own   [    ]  Joint Authorship

Number of Paper Published : [   ] Own   [    ]  Joint Authorship.


Paper present in International / National / Conference / Seminar / workshop

International Journal            : [  ] Own  [  ] Joint Authorship

National Journal                   : [   ] Own  [   ] Joint Authorship

International Conferences/ Seminars/ Symposium   : [  02 ] Own   [04   ] Joint           Authorship

National Conferences/ Seminars/ Symposium         : [11   ] Own    [   ] Joint Authorship


Details of Experience of working with International Bodies through Participation in Bodies or International Exposure through Participation in Workshops, Seminars or Conferences held outside the Country.—-

International Exposure through Participation in Workshops, Seminars or Conferences held outside the Country.

Experience of Organising Events such as Workshops, Seminars or Conferences at an International / National level, within the Country in the field of Higher Education.

Academic Distinctions (Award/ Scholarship/ Rank. Etc.):

Demonstrated Experience in Leadership:

Brief description of Nature of Learship Activity and Role Played


Extra Curricular Activity.: Presented poems in Second National Creative writer’s meet organized by Forum for creative writers in English (FCWE) and International  Seminars by FCWE , Nagpur & 7th International poetry festival 2014 at Guntur, A.P. Received Consolation Prize organized by Shikshak Saahitya Sangh, Nagpur. 

Membership/ Fellowship of learned Accredited Bodies :

1.Maharashtra Society of Extension education, 1993,Akola.

2. The Home Science Association of India,2003,Vadodara.

3.The Indian Society of Extension education,2002, News Delhi

4. Orissa society of Extension education, 2009, Bhubaneshwar.

5. Research Association for Gender in Agriculture, 2010,bhubaneshwar.

6.Research Journal Publication committee, 2011, Nagpur.

7.International society of extension education, 2011, Nagpur.

8.Society of Extension professionals, 2012, Hyderabad.

9.Vishwashanti Multipurpose Society, 2014, Nagpur.