Department Information:

The department was established in Year UG-2007-2008 and is an Self-Financed Course in Arts Faculty. Department has staff on contributory on fix pay in order to execute the very pious job of imparting knowledge.

Major Instruments and Equipments available:-

  1. Tachistiscope falling Door
  2. Bolt Heade Maze
  3. Metronome
  4. Habit Inference Board
  5. Mcdugal Disc App
  6. Wooden screen
  7. Recall&Recogntion
  8. Letter Digit Substitution Test
  9. Record Blank for Memory Span
  10. Introversion Extroversion Test
  11. Koha’s Block Design Test
  12. Letter Cancellation Test
  13. Concept Acchivement Test
  14. Sodhis Apptitude Test
  15. DifferentialApptitude Test
  1. Muler Lyre Itlulsion
  2. Yerks Multiple choice
  3. Memory Drum
  4. Mirror Drowing App
  5. Stop Clock
  6. Error Counter Electronics
  7. Pass Along Test
  8. Concept Formation Cards
  9. Judgment Time
  10. Rational Learning App
  11. Reaction Time  App
  12. Goal Setting App
  13. Sinha’s Anxiety Test
  14. Adjustment Inventory
  15. Standered Progressive Matrices

Teaching Staff

S.No. Name Qualification Designation
1 Ms. Alka S. Nigut M.A.(Clinical Psychology) Contributory Lecturer

Research Areas :-

  • Yearly Project alloted to the students.
  • Arrange visits to Sant Gadge Maharaj Muk Badhir Vidyalaya, Nagpur.

Highlights of Department:

  • Adequate and well qualified departmental teaching staff
  • Well equipment laboratories.
  • Well equipped Central as well as departmental library
  • Excellent Departmental Result.
  • Consistent improvement of the student performance in the university exams.
  • Rise in the number of the students going for Post Graduate.
  • Project allowted  to the students.
  • They can run Guidance and Counseling centre.
  • The concept of ‘women empowerment could be implemented through organizing
  • The awareness programmes as well as providing educational facilities to the students.


Mrs. Sanghmitra D. Kolarkar,
In-charge  Department of Psychology,
Sevadal Mahila Mahavidyalaya,
Sakkardara Chowk, Umrer Road,Nagpur.440024
Mob.No. 09923121120

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